Monday, January 18, 2010

baby update again

SO update on drs visit, apparently my last ultrasound indicted the placental previa is GONE!!!YAY..but even though she is small the doc MIGHT want to keep her in a extra week, but my blood pressure was up today so i do another protein study and turn it in thursday when i go for my appointment and he will make the final... call on weather we are goin to have her Friday or wait . I really HOPE he dont make me wait im truly miserable, Ive threatened  to take a crochet hook and break my own water if he waits much longer , they use basically the same thing then he HAS to deliver me.. Yes i want a healthy baby but not quite sure i trust his judgment anymore and when i can hardly walk across the floor cause my back hurts SO bad it is time to come out miss Ellie.. I MIGHT be willing to wait till next Tuesday but NOT any longer..

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