Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions..

 SO this year they are as follows..

my resolutions are....
  1.  to finish more crochet projects,
  2. NOT to get pregnant anytime during the year ( you may laught at this but.. ive been married four years and my first baby was born 10 months TO THE DAY we were married , my second baby a mear 20 months later and I'm due with our THIRD in less than a month, the youngest two will be 25months apart),
  3. to be a better mommy to my quickly growing brood of small children and a better wife to their daddy,
  4. and to FINALLY finish the work on our home addtion (which started when i was prego with my now 3 yr old,he said dont worry hunny it will be done before she is born.. YA RIGHT.)who is she my GRANDCHILD??
  5. and to do more hands of stuff with my kids.. and i dont mean the urges I have to choke them when they MAKE me watch barney everyday.
. well hope ya'll are having a Happy New year and GOOD LUCK keep all your resolutions, I REALLY hope I can keep mine..EXSPECIALLY #2!!!!

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