Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making your home sing Monday..

Making your home sing Mondays

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So my home is singing no thanks to my sister.. (some back ground HERE and HERE) She had pretty much been a pain in my ass the past six months. I had allowed her to stay her regardless of her childish ass behavior because as most of you know in TWO weeks, our new baby is goin to be born via c-section, and with a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old I am goin to need some help. Well Saturday my sister was being her typically unhelpful self but had a bit of a attitude about her. Around Eight pm a strange van pulled in my drive and she darts out the back door with all her stuff in her bags in hand. Little benounced to me she had talked to her friend earlier in the day and this friend agreed to let her move in there because i treated her like my slave, according to her. I treated her like she acted , a spoiled 2 yr old who cant tell the truth and cant be trusted.,Any way she jumps in the van and IS GONE!! no good bye or anything. Im so pissed off.. mainly at my self for thinking that she would do the right thing and take care of her responsiblities.. but NO.. so two weeks before i really need her she skips out , taking a few things that were not hers and leaving a 300.00 dollar phone bill and me high and dry with no help.. SO TYPICAL!!!! Well after she left i  and i cleaned my whole house back to the way it was before she moved in expect for getting my dish's done in 2 hrs. 2 HOURS.. and she couldn't keep it clean??. I mean i scrubbed the toilet, tub and sink, bagged garbage , swept and mopped all the floors including the two new floors i didn't have to do before and picked up the kids room, did 2 loads of laundry and she couldn't  keep it clean all day long. also put away laundry , cleaned off the table , organized the pantry and washed the walls sorted the kids toys from their books, fed the cat, dog , rabbit and fish .. and cooked a pizza and batch of cookies.. and she didn't do  that much the whole time she lived here
but now my house is back the way i want  hubby is SUPER DUPER PISSED OFF.. cause i did all that and she couldn't keep it up,yesterday hubby really stepped up and helped me out a TON.. he cut wood all morning for our furnace and hauled it and stacked then in the afternoon he let me take a nap while he did the dish's and put away a bunch of laundry and once i woke up he helped me change all the sheets in the kids room.. I love this man.. He has been so wonderful the past few days.. SO YAY my home is really singing. hope ya'lls are.. I go for a ultrasound on Wednesday to see how big Miss Ellie is and to find out if i get to deliver her sooner than the 22nd or if that is still the "day"..


  1. Wow,you have been through a lot this weekend! Glad that things are in order now. Hope the appointment goes well!

  2. Sorry, had to repost.

    Wow, you got a lot done! You know, you may find that it is easier with your sister gone and you may find that things will stay cleaner.

    Thanks for linking up today!