Monday, January 25, 2010

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

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so my home is singing but im not getting much done.. why you ask ..just look below and you will see..

This is Ellie Danielle she was born 1-22-10 at 9:13 am and was 6lbs 15.8 oz and 18 inches long.She is SO sweet and tiny.



  1. Oh Mistie, she is adorable!!!! What a sweet little bundle of snuggly! All blessings and joy to you and your family, my friend, and hope you are able to relax and rest up a bit! Thanks for linking up and letting us know.

  2. Oh Mistie...she's so cute! You definitely have a good reason for to be singing a new tune this week! She's so pretty. Have fun with her and congratulations!

  3. Actually, you're doing the most important work. You are loving on a precious baby who needs lots luvins. My grandfather always used to sigh and say tongue-in-cheek, "Oh, babies are such time-wasters!"

    When they are older, you won't regret that you left a few cobwebs and had toys on the floor because you were loving your babies to the Lord.

    You are so blessed!