Friday, December 11, 2009

Aloha Friday

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So my question this week is what do you buy for a 3 yr old and 2 yr old who have EVERY toy any kid could ever want for Christmas?? they need sheets and pj's but how much fun is it to get stuff like that for Christmas???


  1. A piggy bank (digital coin counter)


    school bag if they go to preschool

    Do a toy swap and give them the newly swapped toy, they'll be excited and none the wiser

    potted plants to take care of

  2. i say regardless of how many toys they have, kids will always get excited over a new one.. even if for just one day! And since the present must be for their joy not for their need.. i say more toys:) Of course you could buy stuff they need too, but i guess it's more about the joy:) Hope you find some great gifts!

    Happy Friday and here's my Aloha!!!

  3. buy what they need... and then a couple toys...

  4. Wrap the pj's with a fun book. It will make them seem more interesting.

  5. Oh I don't know.. some candy making book. there are some new cooks books for kids. I started my nephew cooking a age 2 and now at 5 he love it and the first thing he say when He visits it can you cook something?

  6. Well, I can help because I'm at the same boat. No idea what to buy for my twin girls, so I'm ready for read your comments during the day.

    Happy Friday.

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    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7.'s been so long since my kids were this age so I dunno. I hope you get lots of good answers.

    Visiting from An Island Life Aloha Friday link. Happy Friday!

  8. My kids often get combo gifts--a pair of pajamas wrapped with a couple of hot wheels cars or an outfit with a cute, tiny purse. Mostly what they need with just a bit of something fun!

  9. I'm not sure they really want a whole lot at that age so, just doing fun stuff like baking cookies will probably make them happy.

  10. I always have a hard time with getting gifts for the kids. We usually stick with some sort of theme and go with it. One year my son loved dinosaurs so he got lots of those. This year my daughter is into pet shops so she is getting a bunch of those.