Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funny story about my christmas gift

So besides being a addictive shopper and to crocheting and spoiling the HELL out of my kids i LOVE LOVE gooseberry patch cookbooks,(they are having a HUGE 80% off sale right now to) my husband has a list of the ones i own in his wallett and if ever needs a last minute gift he knows what to get me and that they sell them at his FAVORITE farm and home store in town.. SO GUESS what i got for Christmas. I got THIS ONE 

And I LOVE it.. buy why this particular one..cause my sweet hubby spent an hour in the store pouring over the ones I dont have to select the perfect one..SUPER SWEET right.. well he was pouring over them to see which book had the most  recipes that he would like to try..  typical man thought process.. right.. WHATS IN IT FOR ME?? but i still love it and him..  besides how can you not love a man who has in the past purchased the following GBP cookbooks.

THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!Why cause it is blank inside and you can write your own recipes in it and my grandma wrote some of hers in it for me. I cant wait to pass it down to my daughter(s) someday and Fully plan getting each of my daughters one and filling it out as the years go on for them, maybe one for my son to since we all know no one can cook like momma..LOL..(unless it is my momma who NEVER cooked a darn thing)


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  1.'s a secret.

    Soon, we'll be offering a handy cookbook checklist so your hubby will be able to print out a list to keep track of your collection!

    It's in the works as we type so keep your eyes peeled...thanks for the Gooseberry love! :)