Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tackle it tuesday..

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So what am I tackling today. A early morning Doctors appointment for both kids, My 2 yr old has a well baby visit and my 3 yr old a recheck on her chronic asthma. Then in the afternoon is my daughters class Christmas Party at school.Some time during the day I have to finish crocheting on a afghan that is a christmas present. I completed my two teddy bears and the stocking so all I have left is the afghan.All my gift are wrapped and well hidden. I only have to buy for my sister , mother in law and hubby.. i know what im getting my sister and hubby but have NO CLUE what to get my mother in law.. The kids stockings are hung and stuffed. I crocheted miah, gus and colton( my nephew)'s last year and Riley's this year, I look forward to crocheting Ellie one next year .. below are some pics of the stockings.. I hope ya'll have a very merry christmas..

 miah and gus's stockings i made..

stocking i made for my nephew colton

stocking i made from my nephew Riley


  1. that john deere stocking is phenomenal!

  2. agree ... adore the john deere stocking! nice work! stopping by from 5m4m