Friday, December 25, 2009

Aloha Friday-

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So my question this week is ..Read this post I wrote HERE.. and tell me what you would do.. I really need some advice..


  1. Oh my goodness!! Thats awful!! Try to change Dr. that doesn't sound right at all!!Please keep me posted!!

  2. Get a second opinion from another doctor. Now.

  3. What a Pompass Jerk! I can tell you one thing I wouldn't of stand for the way he talked to me and I'd be letting him know that! I so understand your concerns especially with your loss.
    IF YOU can get yourself another OB. NOW!!! Get your full chart and run don't walk to the next doctor. He's not giving you good care so you should chalk that up as NO Care. Better to have care from a doctor who can get your info from a chart rather than a doctor who won't even return your call. YOUR doc gets PAID!! He'll be making close to $10,000 for delivering your baby and more if you get a c-section. STICK It to him and Leave! uugh WHat a JERK. I have a female doc with great bedside manner. Get a referrel from you insurance and switch on Monday IF You bleeding at this stage of the game its not good and if he's dismissing your concerns he aught to be ashamed of himself.

    I had a doc that told me at 3months I wasn't pregnant and to stop hallucinating. I went back in when I was 6 month pregnant just to show her that I was pregnant. She had no clue she insulted me and acted like nothing was wrong. Uuugh Some people!! HUGS and prayers your in the home stretch. TIME to take the extra precautions to get your baby in to this world safely.