Friday, February 26, 2010

a little update

well as some of you may have noticed or maybe you didn't ive skipped out on a few memes  i normally do every week, Baby Ellie has been sick and I exhausted..don't know why I mean I only have 3 kids age 3 and under. She has been projectile vomiting ( yes i know TMI) up her mommy milk. so for a week she has been on pedialight until day before yesterday they had me start her on some *GASP* formula to see if she can keep it down. she hasn't lost any weight yet but she aint gained any in the past two weeks.Yesterday we mixed it one once of formula to one ounce of pedialight and she kept it down fine. She has had two test run at our hospital one was a barium test to see how she was swallowing and if everything inside was working and that was fine and yesterday she had blood work done to make sure it wasn't a metabolic issue and that her white and red blood cell counts were OK. and everything has returned normal. SO the doctor isnt sure if she has Reflux or just a virus that she could have caught from one of the other kids. I hope she gets back to eating mommy milk soon as im tired of pumping every 3 hrs and i HATE the smell of formula.Miah and Gus are doing well , Dan and i are still in to it so to say but things are getting better slowly. hope all is well with everyone ..


  1. Mistie I will post the pattern on my blog tonight after supper. Also, I will post the pattern for the flower I attached.

  2. Mistie
    Me again, I posted the pattern on my blog. Let me know if you get it and if you have questions I am here!

  3. Oh, you poor dear. I surely hope your baby gets better really soon, and the rest of you too! I hope this isn't bad timing, but when you have a moment could you stop by my blog? I have something for you. Thanks.