Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Works For me Wednesday.

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so what is working for me is trying t o get back into a routine. It has been a challenge to get the baby on a regular nursing scheduled and keep in mind the time i need to go pick up my dd from preschool as it is a 20 minute drive ONE WAY to go get her, and to where my middle one gets his much needed nap while the baby is napping so i can get a nap, and for me to have time to blog, clean house and do all those other mommy task. my only tip for others would be figure one out on paper and make sure everything is goin to work before you start, i ve found it very hard to change the routine when i found it wasnt working mostly for my 2 yrold cause he is used to being the baby .. the baby and my three year old has been affected .hope you all are having a wonderful wednesday.

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  1. Oh tell me about it. As soon as we get done with breakfast, and get it cleaned up, it seeems like it is time to get lunch ready.
    Where does the time go?
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