Sunday, February 21, 2010

not me monday

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I would never put my socks on my 2yr old son when we ran to get my 3 yr old from preschool because i would NEVER put him in his room put up a gate so i could rest while the baby slept and  I certainly would NOT fall asleep and wake up almost late and then rush to get her in time..NOPE not me. I would never then sleep in the following morning and then not send her to school , later in the day take all three on a walk and not being able to find HIS shoes put a pair of boots She just outgrew on him only to relieze on our walk down a muddy dirt road they are to big and i WOULD NEVER let him just run sock foot down the road to the house and when we came to the HUGE mud puddle at the end of our drive way i most certainly didn't remove my socks an shoes put the baby in the stroller and demonstrate to my 2 and 3 yr old the "proper way to jump in a mud puddle" and then slash around in the mud for 10 minutes while they looked at me like i had LOST MY MIND.. NOPE not me.. 

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