Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordful and Wordless Wednesdays

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Oh man what can happen in FIVE years.. it was FIVE years ago today I met and talked to my husband for the first time. After that first meeting did I know I would be marring this guy and having 3 kids in four years..HECK no.. these are my real thoughts.. he has a nice butt in those wranglers, a sweet southern drawl and is polite, a little geeking looking but we will see where it goes. He did drive an hour one way to meet me and pay for my dinner and he opened the door for me (never had that happen before) He is reasonably intelligant to be a man, has a steady job, ownes his house and place, likes some of the same things as me and has a running vehicle. This is goin against the grain of a LONG LONG list of losers I had fell in to a patteren of dating. Here is a pic of him and of me back then how times change..

Dan "the Man"

Little old Me

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