Sunday, February 28, 2010

making your home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

so things seem to be on a upswing here..the hubby was a mostly good boy this weekend and we were getting along much better. he finally got the closet rods hung so im organizing closets. previously we had NO closets in this house.. so know i have two , one in our new bedroom  and one in Gus's room , once the girls room is done they will have one and where our washer and dryer were will be a linen closet and in the entryway to our bedroom above the cold air return is a coat closet or will be. SO im hanging clothes up and emptying draws of the MANY dressers and chest of drawers and deciding what gets hung up and what goes where in which drawer..well that is what i m doing in between nursing Ellie every 3 hrs and keeping a 2 yr old entertained.I also have been cleared by the doctor to resume my pre pregnancy activities so im starting my yoga and piliaties again and have to figure out how to fit that in. Make sure to fit in a trip to Moms' the word for more Mondays


  1. Awesome! Isn't it wonderful to get things organized? That always goes a long way to easing stress levels, I think. Makes getting dressed and getting out the door easier, that's for sure. I finally straightened up my shoes and let me tell you, it's sooo much easier to grab 'em and go now!

    Thank you linking up today!

  2. You are one busy lady. Enjoy your little ones. (And your newly organized closets.) :)