Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to MIAH

Well I dont know where the time went but FOUR years ago today I was laying in the hospital enjoying hold my first live born child ( my first hubby and i had a stillborn son).She was perfect well almost.. I noticed imediatly she had a deformed ear.. NOTHING MAJOR it just sticks out and the other lays flat. it still does but I LOVE those little ears.

this is a pic of the first time i ever seen her i was put under for my emergency c- section

our first fam pic about five minutes later
this is her hospital pic

this is her first easter at 3 days old
the next year they move easter up a week.. so she has had five easters and is only four.. i think that is neat
this is her second easter but first birthday..

third easter. second birthday

third birthday four easter (she has developed a "personality")
and her fifth easter and fourth birthday..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet TOMMIAH KATELYNN. you are so smart , beautiful and mommies big helper.. I love you..

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