Sunday, April 11, 2010

making your home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

SO Saturday was my oldest child's 4th birthday party . SO what I'm doing this week to make my home sing is purging toy's . She got a ton of clothes and toys.. I'm sorting in to several categories. The older two share a room but the girls room is starting to come together so I'm goin to separate all their toys into HIS and HERS then put them in the correct room then further sort big hers and little hers.. I know a 2 month old don't need many toys but she has a small collection of "baby " toys passed down from big her and his.. so that is what is making my home sing .. Also my hubby and I are starting to get along better and are starting the 5 languages of love and the love dare (again) So hopefully things are looking up .. make sure to check mom's blog HERE , for more Mondays.

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  1. Purging feels good, doesn't it?! I always held onto clothes and toys to pass down from my oldest to the youngest. Great way to save money and they love the new clothes and toys! Thanks for linking up today.