Monday, April 5, 2010

mommyhood mondays

We've all been there. The moment our kids embarrass us that first time and we know it's not punishable. They say something that makes you want to just sink through the floor. Ugh!

Well My 3 yr old started preschool and i guess she seen the little boys use the bathroom and so she asked me ..Does daddy have a wiener? and does he stand up to pee like my friend *    * insert name here. and does papa have a wiener ? I explained that every little boy has one that is what makes boys a boy and a girl dont so that is what makes her a girl. then she asked if she can pee standing up and i said No.. oh did i mention we were in line at WAL MART.. .yup .. and about 15 ppl heard and were snickering. and when she asked why one man who had been "checking " me out. was laughing so hard i said just where he could hear me.. i told her maybe he thought it was funny to hear a little girl talk about adult things and she replied or maybe he lost his  little wiener..I almost DIED. laughing.. 


  1. Maybe he lost his little wiener? I would have died too!

  2. Thanks for joining in!

    HAHAHA! Gotta love 'em right!

  3. That is SOO funny!!! Oh I needed that! I can't wait to have my own! OMG!! I can't stop laughing!

  4. My husband just read this tale over my shoulder and after busting his gut laughing said I needed to tell you about an incident he had had with our second son. At the time of the incident, the son was about three years old.

    They were in the Shell gas station and due to some big promo going on, the attendants had a huge pop corn machine behind the counter and they were making bag fulls, and snatching handfulls for themselves as they went.

    Our son had looked up at the maybe 20 year old well built attendant and said "Your a lucker" However, she heard an 'f' at the beginning of that word, not a 'l'.

    Daddy had to explain to her what the son really had said to her. And once daddy left the store, he let all of his with held laughter out.