Monday, April 26, 2010

Mommy moment mondays

Be sure to click here to join this NEW super fun meme and read her post it could save your babies life.. two of my 3 kids have swallowed pennies one was surgically removed the other passed.. this is really scary that what Happened to frugal mom..

We took my four year old to the dentist today to have a tooth pulled because it was abscessed and on the way home we stopped at jcpenney's and my oldest got some magazines we get back in the car and are driving and i hear the baby fussing so i look over and my oldest had piled the magazine on her , and before i stopped my self i said " get those magazines off Ellie she is a baby not a magazine rack" .. my mother in law was with me and she busted up laughing.. So that was my mommy  moment.. happy monday ..

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  1. Isn't it amazing the things that come out of your mouth that you never would have expected? Sorry it took so long to get over here...I have been having a week on non-stop mommy moments!
    I am impressed your little one was feeling good enough to go to the store after biggest kiddo (hubby) would be home crying for three days!