Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making your home sing Monday

Making your home sing Mondays

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So what is making my home sing. I'm not sure it will be this week.. My poor little four year old has a abscess about her front rt tooth and we have to take her to a special peds dentist 3 hrs away tomorrow (im writing on Sunday) they are goin to pull her tooth. I have a ton of laundry to fold and put away . my dish's are done, the kids room needs picked up, and the rest of the house needs a once over. I did a lot of cleaning  yesterday (sat). Last night (sat) my WONDERFUL mother in law was off work at 7 pm so she took all three kids so hubby and i could have a date night. we went and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, did some shopping, played pooled, and didn't get in till 1:30 am.. It has been a LONG time since either of us was out that late.  Today we went to church with her and are staying the night with her tonight cause she is goin with me to take miah to the dentist tomorrow. Hope the rest of the week is uneventful. and that y'all are having good weeks.

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