Monday, April 12, 2010

mommy moment mondays

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We've all been there. The moment our kids embarrass us that first time and we know it's not punishable. They say something that makes you want to just sink through the floor. Ugh

Well this weekend we had my daughters fourth birthday party at our local park near the playground and invited her whole preschool class ) 19 other 3 and 4 yr olds. Well NO one showed up .. When I told her I as sorry that none of her "friends" showed up she said ..Oh well fuck them i get to eat all the cake.. I was like OMG.. What did you just say young lady to which she replied IF they were my friends they would have come this is ridickulious. (that is how she says it super cute) now serioulsly (her words) lets eat some dam cake.. people..
MY hubby was NOT laughing and neither was I .. Her two aunts once cousin and grammy did show up and they all played (the kids) for a while and she got a ton presents.. NOW i get to teach her what words she can and cant say.. she brought those few home from school?

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  1. Are you serious! How horrible is that and shame on those mommy's first of all, but secondly, I would have said the same effin' thing ROFL!