Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fives..

Friday Fives...

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Just Me and My Life

This weeks Friday Fives is 5 Health Tips....
mine are
1. IF YOU are married have sex. It has been proven to help burn calories, relieve stress.and it is fun.
2. Chocolate can also help with moodiness, and has some good stuff it is dark expecially
3.for your mental health dont bottle everything up inside and explode let it out to someone you trust
4.please dress age appropriate, my my gastrointestinal health dont walk around walmart trying to look 16 when you are well over 30 or in something 5 sizes to small. 
5.get some fresh air every day .. it is good for ya.. or my granny used to say so.


  1. I love #4..have you been to my Wal-mart?*Giggles*

  2. Love all your answers I was laughing out loud on some of these! Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!