Monday, May 3, 2010

Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Making your home sing Mondays

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So what is making my home sing is relaxing.. It seems we are always in the go , go, go mode.. The past few days we have mainly stayed around the house , only goin to town once. Today Hubby let me sleep in and when i woke up he had done two loads of laundry , the dish's and cleaned the clutter out of the living room, swept it and the hallway and scrubbed the toilet. He had also fed the two older kids breakfast and was watching them so they didn't mess up the house.. The past few weeks after our "talk" things have been getting better and better. We took the kids fishing this afternoon at the lake that is a quarter of a mile from our house , we had a great time but didn't catch anything.Then this evening he fixed supper and rubbed my neck and shoulders when i had a muscle spasm.. I am battling a migraine headache and HE has been great this weekend. I love him .. My washing machine is broken so I'm goin to focus on folding and putting away the insane amount of clean laundry i have and NOT worry about the ever growing mound of dirty laundry until he fixes it.  that is what making my home sing this week.


  1. What a sweet hubby! I hope your machine gets fixed soon. Sometimes I have to wait till the weekend for things to get fixed around here, because some weeks my hubby is gone a lot. Hopefully yours will get fixed soon. thanks for linking up today!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. So glad you were able to relax. Enjoy the new week!

  3. Hope your migraine goes away soon. Hate them. Also hope your washing machine gets fixed soon. Glad your hubby is so helpful. :)