Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I ment to say

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Here is  Conversation between the hubster and myself..

ME: can you tell your two meddling sisters to keep their mouths shut and STOP telling everyone that they think I am a bad mom , bad wife and mistreat you and how dirty our house.. NONE of these things are true and neither of them have been in OUR house, the younger one in three months the other one NEVER has been in my house.and that you DON'T want your crazy ass ex wife back and that I am NOT goin anywhere.If they don't want to be my friend or even talk TO me that is WONDERFUL.. I just want the drama and shit stirring to stop. and they should have enough respect for YOU as their brother to see if you are happy to leave well enough alone. and to STOP hacking in to MY blog and stalking every single thing i write on facebook,myspace, blog or email and printing it out to "show"others how I am..we are NOT 12 yrs old and only one of the three of us is still in high school and her for another 3 days.. GROW THE FLUCK UP!! ACT LIKE AN ADULT and I'm sorry your life is SO miserable you have to act this way to entertain your pathetic self's. and maybe you shouldn't cast stones if you live in a glass house.. WHO has moved out of their own house , ran their hubby off to his moms and living with THEIR daddy cause they cant make their own marriage work..NOT ME. 

P.S. I hope you two bitches are reading this right now and can go FLUCK yourselves..

Hubby: What do you want me to do ? It wont do any good they are both spoiled ass backstabbing worthless bitches..-YES this is a direct quote which is SURPRISING to here hubby say anything like this if you know him.. He is VERY passive..

Me: because It is YOUR job to stand up for your wife and kids and put them in their places, IF you dont agree with what they are saying or the way they treat me then YOU should set them strait..

Hubby: well I dont know..


Use the BALLS god gave you tell those bitches to shut the hell up or I'm goin to open a can of country WHOOP ass!!and IF you cant stand up for me then what will it take for them to finally push you over the edge..???  GRR..

Id welcome any advice in this situation??
HE wont let me Smack the hell out of them and he really dont want to say anything to them. 

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