Monday, May 10, 2010

Making Your Home sing Monday

Making your home sing Mondays

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So we finally got our tax money back and my home is fixing to be singing a SOLO.. we are goin to FINALLY be able to put the trim and doors up in our room and Gus's room and finish the drywall and flooring in our half bath in our master bedroom and put the toilet and sink in , finish the drywall in the utility room and redo our main bathroom floors take down the gosh awful wall paper his CRAZY ex wife picked out..( country style from 1980's SCREAMS OLD LADY!!!), finish the girls room replace the carpet with something else , paint the walls and build them a closet , redo the now kitchen soon to be the dinning room floors, and HOPEFULLY enough to build the NEW kitchen. We paid off the hospital bill for MR. GUS and MISS ELLIE, we also paid off our ONLY credit card bill and now the only thing we are in DEBT to is the bank for our land..the house and our trucks are Paid for.. we have 40 acres and we only owe $18,000 approx..and if hubby can get good deals and make a few things him self  being the crafty carpenter he is and have enough left over to buy a trampoline and swimming pool for the kids. IM SO EXCITED to finally be able to get it all finished..and move past the construction phase and get in to the decorate and enjoying the house ive made into a home part. Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday ..

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  1. Oh that's awesome! That's a lot of work and it'll be awesome to have it all done. The kids will love the pool too! Thanks for linking up today.