Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Works for me Wednesday..

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SO we are cloth diapering our sweet Ellie. Both the older two are out of diapers (THANK YOU JESUS)
I love my cloth  diapers. BUT at night she always pees threw her bum genius. I have tried G pants and Fuzzi bunz and Ive tried putting a prefold as as doubler in each of the above mentions. She is four months old now and some nights sleeps several hours at a time, Ive noticed when she is SOAKED she wakes up cring..I dont blame who wants to sleep in a puddle of PEE? NOT me.. SO I bought some Thirties diaper covers and they help from getting the sheets wet but she is still soaked.. SO any suggestions as to what Work for me. I m sure if she was drier she MIGHT sleep threw the night..that would be WONDERFUL..


  1. Well, I don't cloth diaper ... not that I don't think it's great (it is!) - but I just don't know enough about it to start & can't see it working for us.
    I just wonder if your baby could wear a disposable diaper just at night? Although, my Miriam is 5 months old, wears those 12 hour diapers at night - and she STILL isn't sleeping through the night!! :) Good luck!

  2. We use a Thirsties diaper cover with a premium-size prefold with an infant prefold too. It makes for one bulky diaper, but my 22 month old daughter doesn't have problems when we use it.