Monday, October 19, 2009

Ellies FULL name..-A BIG UPDATE!!!

 well we have changed our minds.. well kinda.. We are goin to name her Ellieannah Danielle. so no more Ellie ruth mae.. And if everything goes as planned we get to meet her on January 22nd. 2010 Unless she comes sooner..

Well i FINALLY got my hubby to help me decide Ellie's Middle Name.. SO here it is..

and she shall be named....


Ellie is a family name my grandparents last name was Elliott and my grandma Elliott's name and BOTH Dan's grandmothers are named Ruth. and Mae cause.. that is the month of my dad's birthday.. interestingly enought my grandma's name was Ruth Fay Elliott and we are naming our little girl Ellie Ruth-Mae .. I like that about her name.. I LOVE her name and CANT wait to meet her..

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