Wednesday, October 14, 2009

works for me wednesday

well i ve been under the weather and now on bed-rest so what do i do. I sit on the couch and fold laundry and crochet of-course.. But to day .. I *gasp* actually got off the couch.. well sorta i took one cushing with me placed it on the floor in my kids room on the only clean spot there.. and started sorting clothes and toys..and created MORE laundry but i did get all the trash and broken toys and dirty hidden sippy cups out of there and clean sheets on both beds and toys sorted to whom they belong and organized. Below are the pics of my work.. I also tacked my table in the kitchen and got all the groceries put away in the pantry, cleaned the toys out of my living room and in the kids room where they belong. i picked up the other clutter and swept and mopped the kitchen, livingroom, hall and bathroom. I Still have a TON of laundry do wash and some dish's to do but i feel acomplished.. maybe im nesting??


  1. Slow down woman!!! no I'm glad you felt good enough to get all that done. stay healthy!.

  2. You need to talk Daniel into building you some bunk beds in that closet! That would be SO cute :)

  3. well hopefully this weekend he finish's laying the floors in the addition and soon this room will be my office/ craft room.. so this isnt goin to be their room much longer.. i SO look forward to that day .. when that addition is DONE!!!