Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Photo Flashbacks

Friday Photo Flashback

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So this past weekend was my 10 yr class reunion and a few weeks ago i posted my sr pics.. well today im goin to post a pic of me my sr year, when i was a cheerleader.. so dont laugh to hard it was 1999.. I mean I like totally look so 10 yrs ago..LOL..sorry couldn't resist..and my senior prom pic..

If only I had this body back.. but after two kids and expecting again I know that it is LONG gone.. *disappointing sigh*


  1. look so cute!!!

    Did you go to your reunion???

  2. Hey, Mistie...your body isn't long gone. Those few years where you are actually having babies and nursing and all that ARE hard on you, but you'll get your body back! Don't give up! As for the photos, you look beautiful and I'm glad to hear you did make it to your reunion.