Monday, November 16, 2009

not me monday

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This week as I was taking my three year old in to a bathroom I was not so interested in my conversation with her that I accidentally closed the door on it ..(not all the way just enough to pinch it good and make a red mark) she most certinately DID NOT throw a fit in the middle of this place forcing other people to stare and talk quietly amongst them selves..

I would never order cloth diapers from CHINA on eBay and then wait a month to get them only to find out they are knock offs from a REAL company in the USA.
I would NEVER EVER use my doctors orders of COMPLETE BED REST to my advantage to get my hubby to let me order MORE yarn and crochet magazines offline to help "cure my boredom"NOPE NOT ME!!!

I most certainly dont lay in bed at night while my unborn is kickin the crap out of me because I DID NOT drink 2 large glasses of OJ right before bed and wonder how big of a change it will be to go from two to three kids and remember HOW hard it was to transition from one to two with them being 19 months apart, these two will be 26 months apart..NOPE NOT ME!!!

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