Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wordful and Wordless Wednesday

So it is time for Wordful and Wordless Wednesday and I super busy so I am combining them..Click on the button below for wordful Wednesday
and here for Wordless Wednesday.

So last week I posted pics of my two kids their daddy and His daddy all in younger days .. well on Sunday i just happened to snap these pics of my hubby and his daddy.. so do they still look alike.??

from the back.(gosh I love that little wrangler butt my hubby has) they are saying something to my 3 yr old. who just happens to be Papa's only granddaughter(he has 3 grandsons) and his favorite.. SPOILED LITTLE THING...

discussing something pertaining to the well drilling rig behind them..

must have been funny?

yup .. to pea's in a pod.. at least i know my hubby will be half way decent looking in 20 yrs right.. for an old guy my F.I.L aint bad looking...LOL..