Sunday, November 29, 2009

not me monday

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So I would Never go to the pj drawer of my3 yr old daughter's dresser and pull out Purple unicorn footy pj's only to discover she has out grown them.. do i put them in a bag to haul to the shed .YES OF COURSE.. I would NEVER EVER just find her a pair that fit and put THOSE unicorn ones on my 2 yr old SON!!! i also would never give my son a pink sippy cup or when he asked for chocolate milk and i Realize im almost out of it and mix it half with white milk and half chocolate. My daughter who was raised on goats milk and we buy it at the store will only drink milk if it comes out of the goat milk when it gets empty i WOULD NEVER pour the fresh goats milk in the old rinsed out container and put it back in the fridge.NOPE not me.. I would also never use a semi dirty dish cloth on my foot to mop up a spill of said milk.I would also not ever have decided on my own what theme my daughters room should be with out asking her and buy a complete bed set and accessories and wall border only to discover a year later when her "new " room is still now where near done that she prefers a TOTALLY different theme aka Dora and just decided for Christmas i will buy her NEW Dora stuff and pass the unused Strawberry Shortcake stuff down to my unborn daughter for her bedding.. Not even born yet and already getting hand me downs.. NOT NOT ME..


  1. It won't damage the unborn daughter at all! I had a friend in high school who was 17 years younger than his sisters. He used their hand-me-down Shortcake stuff and he said it built character... ;)

  2. Haha, mother's dirty little tricks! I have a few of my own to get my daughter to eat/sleep/stop pulling the dog's tail!