Friday, November 6, 2009

the SWINE FLU in the strain house

so we all woke up not feeling well this morning so i called the pediatrician and my ob and we head in to town for our appointments.. when they did the test on the kids miah told the doctor.."I bet i catched that swine flu when i hepped daddy fed them pig hoggers last night.. those naughty piggies made my nose run and gaved me da fevers.they need a time out"..LOL.. so funny.. i was laughing so hard i couldnt say anything to her about how the pigs DID NOT give her the flu it prolly has something to do with her goin to preschool and sharing her germs with her friends.. The doctor told her she better stay away from those piggies and not to feed the chickens either she might catch the chicken pox..LOL.. I love our pediatrician.. he is GREAT..

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