Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wordful and Wordless Wednesday

So it is time for Wordful and Wordless Wednesday and I super busy so I am combining them..CLick on the button below for wordful wednesday

and here for Wordless Wednesday.

here are some pics of my hubby when he was little..and my kids..I THINK they may look like their daddy just a little and he MIGHT look like his daddy ?? WHAT do you think..maybe sweet little ellie will look like me.. on second thought..lets hope not..LOL

Miah at 15months Dan at 12 months

Dan at 8 month and his daddy.. Dan and miah when she was born

dan at 6 months and his daddy again dan and gus at 8 months old

dan at 6 months gussy at six months

Dan at 15months gussy at 21 months..


  1. So cute! I think they do look like dad!

  2. so sweet what a happy baby. Too cute luv the flash back pics

  3. those are great photos! They all look so much alike - wow!!