Monday, March 29, 2010

mommy moment mondays

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so my mommy moment this week is actually two moments tied together.. a few weeks ago my husband decided to make us breakfast, the menu was biscuits and gravy ,eggs and pancakes. MY husband made it all up and most was wonderful.. that being said on ta part two . my 2 yr old son has P.I.C.A.  . I have to constantly be on the watch for him putting things in his mouth.. we were at the park playing and he had a hand full of rocks headed for his mouth and i said " GUS drop em.. we dont eat rocks!! to which my 3 yr old says ..but YOU ate daddy's rocks the other day..-- OK im goin Paul Harvey on you here is the "REST" of the story.daddy didn't use self rising flour he used all purpose and those hockey pucks.. oops i mean biscuits could have broken a tooth .. he said these things are hard as you guessed it.. ROCKS!!  Then i got to explain why i was "eating daddy's" rocks to the old lady giving me the evil eye as her grandchildren who were 10 and older torment and run around crazily on a toddler play ground , where the sign says ages 2-5 ,parent supervision is REQUIRED!!well im off to tackle my HUGE to do list. I wish "daddy" was on oh well . Have a great Monday y'all.


  1. okay seriously, if I had been sitting next to you and heard that, I may have laughed so hard I peed my pants. They just don't even realize. That is funny!

  2. Haha. The mind of a child, I tell you! Too funny!!

  3. Eating daddy's rocks? OMG, I would have turned bright red!