Monday, March 15, 2010

tackle it tuesday

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Tackle It Tuesday 

this week I'm tackling laundry.. I have a TON to fold and put away.  I hate that part of it.. I dont mind washing or drying or folding it is putting it away that gets me. hope ya'll are tackling something great.


  1. See, I don't mind the washing and drying or putting away. I hate the folding and hanging. Maybe it is because I tend to wash all loads, dump them in baby girls crib, and then fold them all at once. But is just seems redundant to fold put away, fold put away, fold put away. It is better when I fold fold fold then put away though, if that makes any sense, lol

  2. Ekk Laundry gets me every time. I hate the foldng part putting it away I don't mind