Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordless and wordful wednesdays

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So this week a 3 month old baby in our community passed away. While i did not know the parents or the baby I weighted heavy on my heart since my baby is only a month younger. The thing the c.o.d. was S.I.D.S. Either way it was heartbreaking to me.SO I cuddled all my kids more than normal. This is a few pics i took of my kids..

gussy is all boy and always getting dirty.. he was eating a choc chip cookie.

my sweet little Ellie.

Me and my big girl Miah..


  1. so sad for the little boys family. glad to see yours are healthy and having fun.

  2. oh that breaks my heart. Super cute pics of your family though!

  3. Super cute...your kids are adorable. Such sad news about that family's loss.