Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tackle it tuesday

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So what am I tackling this week, I ve got three sick kids and I woke up this morning SO ready to tack some laundry and do some spring cleaning when Hubby called from work asking If I was taking my 3 yr old to school if I could bring him a few things. So i said ok. IF im going to have to drive 20 minutes ONE WAY into town to take him his stuff and drop her off at school.I might as well return the books to the library early, pick up a few groceries and take the sickest two of the kids to the doctor, They only have colds but with my older two having chronic asthma and bronchitis they get really wheezy and have to be on inhalers and steroids I have to take them in so they can adjust the levels of meds. SO that is what I'm tackling.. FUN FUN..NOT>.

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