Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

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Tackle It Tuesday 

So This week I'm tackling a lot of things. I ve almost got a handle on my laundry since my new washer is hooked up in the utility room next to the dryer and my dish washer was hooked up this weekend and It to is in the utility room on the exact opposite end of the house from our kitchen.. so i have to carry the dishes to and from.. FUN FUN.. but HEY i don't have to wash them..LOL. I m also tackling spend time with all three kids together since my oldest is on spring break this week. We have been playing outside and reading books and "playing" home school.. he he i m even sneaking in some learning. We are also starting to potty train my 2 yr old little boy .not goin so hot. i really dont know what the hell i m doing.. well i hope y'all are getting stuff done. 


  1. I thought I would be the cool mom that potty trained her son early. HA, I am not so good. We are just starting to get it.

  2. Try putting some cherios in the toilet and tell him to aim for them. I did this and it worked for my two boys.