Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Your Home sing Monday

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Making your home sing Mondays
So my house is a WRECK..I had noble intentions of starting my spring cleaning this weekend but we went out to my mother in laws Friday night and ended up staying , she lives about 45 minute drive away  and we have a bedroom there.She kept the older two kids in her room she has a crib and the other kid sleeps in her bed with her.(she is single and lives alone) and the baby slept in "our" room on her travel sleeping thing we have over there. so i got to sleep in Saturday morning.YAY.. and nothing got done at home, Sunday it was a cold , dury day and rained and i didn't feel good so again nothing go done . I hope I feel better Monday morning and can get something done (yes i am writing this on Sunday night so i have time to get it done)I and HATING this STUPID time change and so are the kids.. not adjusting well. also my washer quite. we have a spare but hubby has to hook it up and we dont have the money or the supplies to get them to do that unless we move it in where the old washer is up the stairs.. (we just put a addition on and the new washer and dryer are in the new utility room and the old washer is still in the old part of the house so Ive been carrying wet laundry to the utility room to dry them .) so maybe i can get my home to sing. right now it is on strike..


  1. I don't like losing the hour of sleep but sure love the extra hour of daylight! Hope your home is singing today. I just got home and now I need to get busy, lol! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Hope you woke up feeling good today. Laundry woes are the worst when you have little kids, aren't they? I could do without my dishwasher, but I cry without my washer and dryer. Hope the kids are getting adjusted.