Monday, March 15, 2010

mommy moment mondays

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So my mommy moment this week is about using "mommy" words. See I had a sore toe this weekend and my poor little two yr old son stepped on it. with out thinking i used a colorful word to which my three yr old said.. Those are not words we use in this house young lady and you need a time out..LOL.. then five minutes later i heard her say it .. I told her that those are "mommy and daddy "words and while we shouldnt say them sometimes they slip which she replies like a fart? i said yes hunny and when you become a mommy then you can use those words. and she said well i can fart now..ahh..3 yr olds gotta love um..


  1. HA! Isn't it SO hard to explain to them why they can't say mommy and daddy words? Or put us in time-out? My son tells me I am naughty, and then looks at me like I should thank him for this info.
    Thank you so much for joining in, I am LOVING your blog! Adding you to blogroll so I don't miss anything!

  2. Oh my six year old does that. It's so hard to explain to them that they shouldn't say them but it's ok for mommy and daddy to. Not that we should. But like you said they slip out sometimes. My husband is a gamer and when he's playing they slip out a lot very loudly. She's put him in time-out many times before. Great blog I'm a new follower.

  3. A long time ago I had a toe tween who was 2 at the time, stepped on my sore toe and I instinctively knocked her on her ass....she said "You don't PUSH ME!!" ummm...she was right, but damn my toe hurt!!