Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu planning Monday

SO its been a while since i made a menu but i finally got around to it see more menu's HERE.
Monday -
Breakfast-oatmeal , toast, banana's
SUPPER-spaghetti pie, salad, garlic Texas  toast (i got the recipe HERE)

breakfast- cereal bagels
Lunch- sandwiches
Supper-no bake crunchy chicken, broccoli and cheese OOPS i should have typed no Fry  not NO back.

Wednesday -
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs , bacon
Lunch-eating with a friend
 Supper-BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and chips

Breakfast - Whole weat Waffles and sausage and strawberries
Lunch- pizza , corn and brownies
 Supper-Garlic Shrimp , Brown sugar glazed carrots

Friday -
Breakfast- cereal toast
Lunch-Left overs
Supper-Eat out..


  1. It sounds really good, especially the spaghetti pie! I'm intrigued by the no-bake crunchy chicken. And I've been promising my son to try to make pulled pork one day. We have a supermarket that actually shows you next week's circular, and both pork tenderloin and roast are on sale. I guess that will mean pulled pork on my menu soon!

  2. BTW, my son keeps signing into his own blogger account and out of mine. I'm not odstbuckman9, LOL, I'm mom2fur of