Friday, March 12, 2010

Aloha Friday

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SO here is my question for this week...
My father in law is "single" he is sorta a man whore and always is bringing someone new home, I feel that if THAT is what he wants to do that is fine it is HIS house and HIS business BUT i also feel as if it is my duty as a parent to teach my children that it is NOT ok in the eyes of god or my self to play musical beds. I dont want them growing up seeing and believing that is how we treat ppl or act. SO I refused to stay over there one night this past week with my kids when his "hide" showed up ..HE said im being a "childish Bitch" and need to grow. I dont think so .. He has a history.. #1 he cheated on his wife with a woman , moved her in lived with her for the past seven years and recently kicked her out. now my kids call both my hubby's mom and the other woman who is SO sweet nanny, they are attached to both and now my 3 yr old cries to see Nana at papa's and she isn't there.I dont want them to get attached to several ppl and i DON'T want my kids calling them grandma.. SO what do you all think about this.. BTW hubby agrees with his dad..


  1. It's his business but, I'd be kinda creeped out too.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  2. Stick to your guns Mistie, you are dead on!
    Do your best to raise your children with good morals. When they are on their own they will decide what they want to do, but what you have taught them will will help put them on the right path.

    I feel if it's a different 'woman' every night and he's playing like he's faithful to each that's wrong!! CHeating is wrong.

    If he's 'dating' and each woman is aware, that's a bit different.

    I understand you don't want your kiddos getting attached to all the 'different' women.

    Your father in law got to raise his kids how he saw fit, now you have the right to do the same. If you don't want them around that type of behavior, you don't have to allow that.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. It so sad when kids get attached to new people then they leave. That can't possible be good for them.
    I'm now a Google Friend Connect follower!

    Visiting from My Kids Are Fun for Aloha Friday!

  4. I know how hard this kind of situation must be but I have to say I completely agree with you! I have a 22 year old brother who wanted to come visit with his girlfriend - which was fine! I was glad to have them - but I did not let them share a bed. Personally, what they do is there business. But when my kids are going to see - well, that is simply not alright.

  5. you are right! It will definitely affect the kids and isn't good for them!!:)

  6. You know you are right Mistie and good for you. You are an honest person and shoot from the hip.