Monday, January 19, 2009

my big boy and sick kids

well i took Miah back to the doctor and her ear infection is gone but now she has pneumonia and still a little we are on another round of anitibiotics and steriods and still doin the inhalers.Gus is done with all his meds except the occasional dose of cough meds at night and his daily inhaler(s). and today gus was playing in the living room floor and stood up and started walking .just about five steps..from the couch to the was so so tired.. miah was up till 2 am .. i dont know why she wouldnt go to bed.. i tryed everything i knew to do .. short of a shot of nyquill or wiskey.. finaly she went to sleep .. then the little turd was up at 8:30 am ..i coulda beat her with a wet noodle.. i convinced her to clime in my bed and we slept till about 1oish.. the we got up and got ready for her doctors appointment. came home cooked supper and went to dan's dads.. no drama there tonight thank god.. and then home for baths and they are both in thier beds and it is 9 pm.. whoo hoo.. i might get to bed by midnight tonight. i hope im so TIRED.. and i have a ton of house work to do tomarrow. i have a sinkfull of dishes to wash , sweep and mop all the floors and vacume our room, change the sheets on our bed and miahs bed , i changed gus's this am when he dumped my water glass all over his. and then fold and put away three loads of laundry and wash two loads dry and put them away .. so i have a pretty ful day ..

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