Monday, January 12, 2009

update on gus..

well we took Gus back to the Dr. and the pneumonia is gone but the ear infection and bronchitis remain. so we are on another round of antibiotics, steroids and still doing the inhalers . where to start.yesterday at church the message was about how christians start to doubt them selves sometimes and wonder if they are still saved or not.. so the preacher had everyone bow their heads and if they wanted to repeat the salvation prayer that is in the bible, I m pretty sure dan said it.. then later in the message the preacher said sometimes married couples forget our promises to each other and the vows we made before god, so he had all married couples stand and repeat their vow, i just hope that what happened when we got married the first time doesnt repeat its self .. tommie-kate was born 10 months to the DAY we got married.. june 11, 2005 , herbday is april 11, 2006, but if it does oh well another blessing from god and a nother baby to love. sometimes i think i want more and some days i m good.. speaking of miah she still has her ailments her ear infection is better and neither of them are wheezing very much.. so that is good. well that is all for now..

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