Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the impending ice storm

well most ppl are totaly dreading the ice storm , im welcoming it with open arms.. i see it as an oppertunity to spend some quality family time with my hubby and kids that is if the hubby cant work. and as long as we have power we are golden, i have a propane cook stove so i can cook what i want the freezer, fridge and pantry are full, i have a full tub of yarn and 12 unread liabrary books so if we are trapped for a week that is fine buy me.. and if the power is out i have a lamp and can still crochet and read , also i have my pc and dish network so i good..if we have power.. i can get a jump on next years xmas projects and some up coming birthday projects for a few ppl so let it snow or ice or what ever.. i dont care.. i came home from gus's doctors appointment and ran several tubs of water just in case we lose power and i have well stocked supply of bottled water and lamp oil.we have a wood furnace and a ample wood pile.. so we are GOOD.. i hope everyone else can enjoy their family time.. and who knows.. maybe the kids will take a nap and dan and i will get some "alone" time.. who's to say there wont be a new strain kid next year..if we get trapped in..hehe.. a little Elliott Stetston McCrea Strain aka Eli or Aevah Mae Strain (Pronounced Ava ) or both.. my luck.. well it is two am i started reading a book and got wrapped up in it and finished it so i guess i should go to bed..

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