Saturday, January 31, 2009

ice ice.

well Monday night it started sleeting and icing, we have been with out power since Tuesday afternoon and with out phones since Wednesday morning. Ricky(My father in law) loaned us his spare generator Wednesday and we have been using it.. we have been over at his house alot the past few days cause he has a bigger genorator than us and we can take showers over there.. so far my two favorite sister in laws..aka. beth and ashley jane have been socialable. and daniel has been home from work since tuesday.. ive enjoyed the extened weekend but am SO ready for himto go back to #1 we need the income and #2 he is driveing me CRAZY..short he has really helped with the house work and let me sleep in the mornings and got the kids changed and breakfast in the mornings that was nice. night before last my mother in law came and stayed with us cause she had no heat , power or water and it was really cold at her house.. so the kids have been really good and miah has slowing starting to go to bed easier. so it has been a crazy week. hopefully the power company will get power back on soon.. they said it could be up to a month before everyone is back know you never realize how much water you use until you have none.. it has been a pain in then neck to have to haul water to flush the toilet, boil water to take baths or do dishes.. i know why the amish have ten kids they have to have that many to haul the water lol..well that is all for now . im glad we are all safe and thankful that (knock on wood) we only had minor damage from the tree's falling.. and we have a TON of fire wood posting some pics on myspace of all the ice stuff.. check them out

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