Sunday, January 18, 2009

gus is starting to walk a little

my BABY has taken several steps this week.. while im not in a hurry for him to walk like i was with tommiah i do kinda dread it.. i know those two will be in to everything.. (like they aint already)...he took one step to his nanny, and three towards his daddy.. and tonight one step towards a toy he was wanting.. the first four steps he took while"dancing" with a wiggles movie.. crazy me ran to walmart and bought a wiggles dvd to play during the day hoping he would take more steps.. he is growin up so fast.. i cant believe he is one.. and after visiting some friends who just had a baby today at the hospital i really think i want another baby..dan and i have talked about it..really it wouldnt be that much more expensive by the time the new baby would get here miah would be potty trained and we are already buying two kinds of diapers so that wouldnt change and gus would be eating what we eat and we are currently still buying some baby food so that wouldnt change either.. and since we have both a boy and a girl and i have kept almost all their baby clothes i wouldnt have much to buy.and since we have NO problem getting prego i figure it will be about a month after i stopped my pills till i was again.. heck i ve gotten prego twice on the pill .once with gus and once a month ago when i had my miscarriage..and gus will be 2 by the time the new baby would be born..i guess i have baby fever .. maybe it will pass.. if not i'll be diggin out the ole maternity clothes.. i figure if god wants you to have kids he will give them to you when he wants you to have them... and if you cant have them on your own maybe he thinks you dont need them.. i dont think you should play god and be insiminted like a cow.. but maybe that is because i get prego so easy with out even trying to really .. if i had a hard time i might change my mind.. but since ive been consistantly going to church and dan and i have been studing the bible more by reading it every night he blesses some ppl with kids and some with out.. i think you should follow god's plan and not your own selfishness..well im off to bed im tired..

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