Friday, January 9, 2009

back from oz...

well we got my brother taken home , i got to visit with my sister and my aunt , uncle and two cousins, rosie kept miah and gus went with me . i got to shop at my favorite thrift store ( i love to shop and bargain shopping especially).and then came home we went dan's dad and had really good gumbo and both kids went to sleep on the way home so we were in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night..dan was up at 5 am .. i slept till 8 am.. got up did all my house work by 10 am except a sink full of dishes and two loads of laundry I'll tackle this weekend.. i took miah back to the doctor , that is 3 trips this week.. to get more meds.. cause she is getting more croupy sounding but her wheezing and ear infection were better. i took to the wic office and filed the paper work to renew his health insurance. he has been diagnosed as milk intolerant so we had to see the nutritionist and dietitian so wic would let him have formula for another month.. and he has to go back next month to see them again.but he was 25 lb and 32 inches tall and in the 90-95% of his he is growing good.. after we got done at the wic office we went to the park to play and wait on dan to get off work.. we had went and had lunch with him today. when he got off work we went to wal- mart and did our shopping and then out to his mom's where we are now.. his sister Ashley jane is out here and she has been almost sociable only one or two snide remarks and dirty looks..tomorrow the antiques roadshow is in mtn.home and i am taking a Budweiser clock i got from my dad to see what it is worth if is priceless to me. and in the afternoon dan and i are going to Springfield, MO to see a friend ive not seen in like four yrs.. and to toysrus..and maybe the mall and bass pro. well it is bed time.. gn

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