Sunday, January 18, 2009

some ppls children part 2

.we went to Ricky's today so dan could cut some wood. Rosie, Ashley jane and i went shopping in mh today and that was fun.. we went back to Ricky's and we had left the kids at my mother in laws last night cause she wanted to keep them today while we cut wood.. so i had called her to see when she wanted us to come get them and she said she was going to town anyway and would just bring them up cause she wanted to go for a drive and i said that was fine... well when we got back to dan's dads after unloading the wood as soon as we walked in the first thing out of Beth's mouth was where are you kids? i said they are having a nanny day but are on their way up .. Ashley jane said why is my mom bringing them all the way up here? i said when i offered to come get them she wanted to take a drive and wanted to bring them up there so i said OK.. well they both rolled their eyes.. Ashley bell (Andy's wife) is due just any day and the conversation drifted to the fact that she was watching a water birth on TV and Steven said why would you want to watch that ?? she said to prepare herself.. and i said you can watch all the tv you want but NOTHING prepares you for birth and Beth said "what going to sleep and having it cut out ya that is really hard.. try pushing one out.. " i said my first baby was born natural NO EPIDURAL.. and Steven said " tommiah was born natural ? i said NO my first hubby and i had a stillborn baby and he was delivered natural ..then Beth started laughing really hard and i said what is so dam funny? and she said nothing and then ran out of the room.. OMG i could have beat the hell out of that bitch.. so dan and i left.. we ended up calling his mom and met her in town and ate out . but anyway thought it was VERY rude that Beth laughed at me.. it really pissed me off.. i don't laugh in her face that she cant become pregnant with out $25,0000 and three months worth of trips to little rock ..I told dan he should say something to her but he didn't and say's "i don't know what to say to her" .. im like WHAT THE HELL?? am i over reacting or not? what would you expect your significant other to say to his sister if she said something like that to you ? im so pissed.. off.. ahhhhhh..

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