Monday, January 5, 2009

sick kids

well i took miah and Gus to the doctor today and the news was OK but not great.. gussy has a ear infection and a little touch of pneumonia in both lung and was put on 2 additional inhalers he already takes albuterol every 2 hrs when he is sick now he is on 3 puffs of flovent every am and pm and atrovent every 4-6 as need for coughing and wheezing, he was really wheezy. so they also put him on a steroid (predisone) and a antibiotic (zithromyicne) ya i know im not spelling those right but oh well.. and i have to give him ibuprofen to help the inflammation and the pain of the sore throat he has and the fever.and miah has a bronchitis and and ear infection and is on the same antibiotic as Gus but a different dose and all the inhalers and some prescription cought medicine called has hyrocodone in it.. she can only have 1/4 a teaspoon it is that powerful but it works.. the had a bath with lots of steamy air trapped in the bathroom and that helped some.we got lotioned up and jammies on and they are out like a light since about 11 pm. so i got absolutely nothing done today on the house.i guess tomarrow will be filled with double duty house work wise.i have laundry piled up load to wash two to dry , (one load in washer now) that will make three loads to fold and then four to put away , i have one load already folded. a sink full of dishes and i need to sweep and mop all the wood and laminate floors , vacume the bedroom carpet. I HATE CARPET and cant wait to rip it out and replace it with something else.but after the addtion is done. i have non parishable groceries to put up,and toys in the living room to pick up .well that is all for now im really tired cause gus was up most the night..

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