Thursday, January 1, 2009

my first blog...

well this is my first blog on an actual blogging site other than on my myspace page im a blogging virgin.i think i should start this blog and give a brief history of me and my family. Where to start.. I'm 28 yrs old five ten have blond hair blue eyes. I grew up in Mtn.Grove,MO after high school i went to college at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college in Miami,Oklahoma for 2yrs and am one credit froma degree in Ag Econ with a minor in Early childhood ED.In high school and college i was a cheerleader, in the marching band and in high school ran track.After College i Married a man and we moved to st.louis and ran a finanical services business but that marriage ended because of abuse, this abuse cost me the life of my first baby. Matthew Aaron Christopher was still born on Feb,14th 2003 He weighed 3lb and 4oz and was 15 inches long. He was cremated and his ashes spred on my daddies farm. we divorced in oct of 2003. And now i am married to the love of my life, His name is Dan.. We have two wonderful kids Tommie-Kate and Gussy.Dan works for him self as a framing carpenter and I am a Stay at home mom and I love it. I have one brother who is almost 20 and has special needs, he has cybral palsy and asbergers sydrome. I also have one sister is 24 and goin thru a divorce. My dad passed away the morning of my wedding June 11, 2005 and im still not over losing him.Tommie-Kate is named after him.. She was born April 11, 2005 ten months to the day we were married .I know my daddy sent her to me she is my angel girl.My mom is a wench who remarried a jerk and then sold my brothers inheritance to buy her self a new truck and can kiss my big white butt.I only deal with her once a month when i go to pick up my brother for our court ordered visition.that is the only way the we can see him.. the court had to ORDER it.. she wants nothing to do with her only two grandkids or my sister or myself. So ive kinda adopted dan's family as my own. His mom Debbie is WONDERFUL and a huge help with the kids, they go and stay alot of the weekends with her. Dan works as a subcontractor with his dad's construction company and when he retires i think dan will inherit it. His name is Ricky and his fiance is Rosie ( his parents are divorced). Dan has two sisters Beth who is 25 i think and is married to Steven and they have a little boy Colton who is one month younger than Tommie-Kate. and Ashley Jane who is 16, Neither of which do i get along with very well.Rosie is a wonderful person and I love her to death. I have two almost step sibling in laws (rosies kids) Andy her son and his wife Ashley Bell are expecting a baby boy in feb 09. and Tina his sister his married to a guy name matt and is no good pot head but that is another what else.. i cant forget our little boy Gussy he just turned a year old on Dec.10 and is cruising along the furniter and standing up by his self.He also has six teeth and USES them.. Tommie-Kate is so smart ..she can count to ten and knows most her colors, body parts all the sounds the animals in the barn yard and jungle. well that is all for now.. any questions just ask.. and thanks for reading..

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